Fruvedo is one of the Algerian companies specialized in exporting the finest types of dates, especially Deglet Nour variety (the best types of dates in Algeria) or “The Fingers of Light ”, known for their high quality and scarcity at the global level. Deglet Nour dates are distinguished by their unique sweet flavor (classified among the 3 finest types of dates in the world), their golden color, and rich nutritional value. This variety is considered the most popular in international markets and the most in-demand among consumers today which makes us provide the required quantities for the customer from our own production in our farms (Tolga’s oasis) and our large customer network. Our company produces several varieties of these high-quality dates (On Branch ‘Arjoun’, Shamroukh, Ravi, Pitted Dates, …) under international and optimal conditions, starting from palm planting to harvesting the dates, with the availability of international standards in monitoring the production process, packaging, and optimum preservation for each product (controlled temperatures) with the latest technologies and the export with a guarantee of exceptional quality and delivery.

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Deglet Nour on Branch

Deglet Nour Arjoun

Deglet Nour Bouquet

Deglet Nour Bulk

Deglet Nour Pitted

Deglet Nour Raviers

Availability all year round

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Deglet Nour on Branch

Deglet nour Arjoun

Deglet Nour Arjoun Bouquet

Deglet Nour Bulk

Deglet Nour Pitted

Deglet Nour Raviers