For more than 50 years of production and development, FRUVEDO is now exporting its products worldwide. FRUVED is specialized in Mediterranean dates, vegetables, and fruits

Product Quality Assurance:

Being aware of all development in the field of production over generations and with the help of a complete team of  farmers and expert engineers make us able to guarantee the best quality of products through a strong and complete  supply chain to offer the best services to our partners and clients

Our experiences with Algerian Deglet Nour

Our region (Tolga, Biskra) is considered the source of global production of this type of dates ( Deglet Nour). Ergo, it helped us to inherit the original traditions and experiences over the generations from forefathers.

Our palm trees are pollinated in February by hand, tree by tree. By the time of harvesting, our harvesters are still climbing palm trees with straps and manual equipment, which leads to many dangers such as falls and injuries. Despite all the dangers, we have inherited these customs from father to son, and we have preserved them to protect this unique knowledge that Algeria possesses.

Our History

Historically, the emergence of this type of Dates dates back to a few centuries, but it first spread in the Biskra (Tolga) oases and increased intensively in the twentieth century.

The origin of the “Deglet Nour” palm dates back to the Biskra region, and this region contains 80% of the global production of these dates.

Deglet Nour dates in America

Deglet Nour dates are the most famous dates in America. In 1898, the USA Department of Agriculture created a special section called “Agricultural Explorers” to travel the world and search for new food crops to bring to the United States to grow. By 1904, on the recommendation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and an American botanist named Walter Swingle, it was decided to establish experimental Date gardens by transporting offshoots from Algeria (Tolga, Biskra) to California due to the temperature and soil conditions that mimic the Sahara (Algerian Desert).

Despite the transfer of many offshoots from Algeria to America and the Middle East to produce Deglet Nour, there was a difference in the original taste of the new produced dates due to the lack of many characteristics that are only available in the original country and region, Tolga.